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6 Ways To Plan And Prepare For Christmas in 2016

The word Christmas connotes different things to people. It reminds you of love, family, holidays, thanksgiving, songs, merriment etc. Most of all for a Christian, it is a period to remember the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and also to show and share His love with others. Christmas is 3 weeks from today depending on which part of the world you are. So how can you prepare for such a big occasion in Nigeria?

Here Are 6 Ways To Plan And Prepare For Christmas In Nigeria.

  1. Plan to do your shopping early especially buying of clothes. In Nigeria, any time it is festivity period, prices of goods and services go up. To beat this rush, start early. This will allow you to time for other activities. Always have a shopping list with you and tick out what you have bought. When you do that, you save not only energy and time but you also avoid buying things that you did not budget for.
  2. Book or Buy your tickets early. Whenever it is festivity time, the process of buying tickets becomes tedious and overcrowded as everyone wants to buy or book at the same time. To avoid the stress, plan to gets them early. A day or two days before the travel call to confirm the trip or better still be there physically to find out if there is going to be a change in the schedule to avoid last minutes disappointments.
  3. Service your car ahead of time. It is important that the cars are in good shape before embarking on a journey. Do all the repairs and check all the checkable and have the tank filled up a day before the trip. It is advisable to get fuel or diesel the night before not on the morning of the trip because of unforeseen circumstances like fuel scarcity or long ques.
  4. Check that your ATM cards are working and up to date and that non is expired. Also have enough cash on you for additional fuel, eating, and other contingencies on the way which might come up before you get to the destination. Christmas time is time for merriment so start to planning early to have extra money.
  5. Do your cooking or part of it ahead. At Christmas, much food is consumed and there is just not enough time to cook or be in the kitchen for long. People love being with family so plan to cook your soups and freeze them especially when you are traveling to the village. You can fry your meat, make your soup and stew, bake cakes and make chin chin.When you do your cooking early when it’s Christmas day you have time for the family.
  6. Start packing your clothes days or even weeks before the journey. This is very important more so if you have children. I do start packing days before a trip but most time the night before the trip, I  still find myself left packing late unto the night. Do not forget to pack your medications along as it is important because a change in environment can affect you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Christmas period comes with lots of merriment, eating, spending and of course the pleasure that the year is ending. In order to have a swell time, start preparing early. Your tickets should be handy, the car should be serviced at least a week before time, and check that the cards are functioning. Do part of your cooking to avoid stress and pack early so that you don’t forget some items of clothing, When your prepare early putting in mind the above, you will have a great Christmas. How do you prepare for Christmas?

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