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2017 My Year For Hustling

To hustle or huzzle as we say in Nigeria is to engage in a side business or activity. It is to create time to have another source of income beside your regular job. It is another way you can make or earn money. Therefore 2017 is my year of hustling.

Here Are My 4 Best Way To Hustle.

  1. Blogging. I intend to find time and increase the frequency of publishing content on my side. I have passion for sharing my experiences but time is my constrain and this is going to change.
  2. Farming. I’m going into cultivation of vegetable. The recession in the country is opening the eyes of so many people to other avenues of making additional income outside their day work. I don’t want to be left behind and moreover the Federal government is encouraging people to farm. The Central Bank of Nigeria is giving loans to farmers through various Micro finance banks at 6% interest. Such opportunity should not pass anybody.
  3. Real Estate. Nigeria is blessed with land and we have shortage of housing based on fact, over 17 million according to government statistics. If you have interest in buildings like me then 2017 should also be your year of pursuing your dream of becoming a land lord with careful plan of one step at a time. It is not going to be an easy task but with determination, it will be possible.
  4. Ready To Wear Cloths Making. I like seeing people in beautiful garments and it is my desire to go into fashion design but then one thing will lead to the next. I have to learn how to sew and so tailor school here I come.

For me to be successful in my hustling, I have to  create time out of no time as I’m still keeping my day job as  I’m still preparing for my early retirement. My 2017 is going to be very busy. Buying and selling is another good side business to do and so also baking. May The Lord help to accomplish all these this year. Its going to be a full year.

What hustling are you into? Share with us.

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