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4 Important Things To Consider As A Mother When You Have To Go On A Trip And Leave Kids At Home

Mom On An Official Or Business Trip.
A Mum in the real sense is like the engine in your car, ship, generator, computer or your blender. When she is away even for a day, there arise challenges at home.

She is the lubricator in the house and once she kickstarts, all the other parts pick up. Once a part of that engine has a problem, every other thing stops or slows down.

When “the engine room” combines her home front duties with working outside as a career mom or businesswoman, she faces some challenges and she has to be wise in handling the situation.
Some of these include official trips, when a child becomes sick, sports days, open days, holidays and others.

Take the instance of a trip outside the home when you have to travel and leave the children. The number one thing that crosses your mind is the safety of the kids especially when you are not living in the same place with your spouse and the children are in your custody.

This means you have to look for someone to stay and take care of them while you are away. Another option is to have a friend or relation who would accommodate them in the extream case, you take them to the neighbor’s house. Blessed and lucky are you when you have any siblings in the same town with you.

The next thing to think about is the feeding. You run around to cook soups and stew and sometimes make the whole meal for the time you will be away from home just to make sure their needs are met. You check the gas level to be sure that the cylinder is not down, energy is also checked, you buy enough beverages to last, the quantity of food available is scrutinized and if needs be, you rush to the market or store for more. Most times so many things needing attention.

How do you prepare for such situations? For sure sudden trips do come up especially when you work outside the home. Even if you work from home, unplanned trips do come up.

1. The first thing to do is to have a “to do list” of such things or activities before such a time. This is where you list out all the necessary actions to take when such emergency trip arises.

2. Have in mind the person to stay with your kids or plan where to take them to especially when you are responsible for their upkeep. If they are old enough to stay alone good for you.

3. Have someone check on them while you are away and have a functioning phone to call them. The kids need to know that an adult is around for them at all time.

4. Have the kids know who to call in case of an emergency. This is to avoid confusion and not knowing what to do in such situations.

Working outside your home is not an easy thing to do. Moreover, when you have to embark on a journey and leave the kids, there needs to have proper planning in order to minimize the emotional and physical stress.

Be conscious of the children’s safety, have enough food on the ground, a good phone line to call and have someone check on them and they will be just fine. What are your experiences?

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