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5 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog






Blogging means different things to different people. To MOST people, it is one complex way of making money online that only experts can do; while to a select FEW, it reminds them of their ever steady cash flow and the need to keep earning from their blogging business – oh yeah, blogging is a business.

If you are reading this, I must congratulate you because this blogging will make you one of the select few who makes lots of money from blogging. You are already one step ahead of other people! Stay with me if you want to learn all you need to know about blogging.



  • What is a blog?
  • Why should you start blogging?



Read this content with full attention. You don’t want to miss out on any of the lessons listed above. This blogging post will teach you the basics of blogging while highlighting blogging guidelines as well. Let us continue, shall we?



  • What is a Blog?


A blog is an informational website published on the internet. It consists of informal diary-style entries or logs commonly called “posts.” The word ‘Blog’ is a truncation of the term ‘Weblog.’ A man known as Jorn Barger coined the term ‘weblog’ on 17th December 1997 – it means ‘a log on the web.’

The term was later changed to ‘blog’ by Evan Williams. Blogs evolved from online diaries in the late 1990s.

Blogs have no restrictions whatsoever. Anybody can be a blogger, but not everybody knows how or why they should start a blog.

Read on to learn more…



  • Why Should You Start Blogging?


I’m sure that you are reading this post to learn how to make money blogging, but to be honest, that shouldn’t be your primary motive. Your primary motive for blogging should be to express yourself and to share information that would solve people’s problems.

There are many reasons why people visit the internet including, but not limited to learning new skills, trends, history or getting advice that could solve their personal problems. Once you are able to develop content that will be useful to people, you have already done most of the hard part.

Now let’s highlight some benefits of blogging and why you should start blogging:

  • Get a Good Job:

If you are an unemployed graduate reading this, you have probably peeled your shoes walking from company to company with your CV in search of a job. Well, since the new administration in 2015, millions of people according to National Bureau of Statistics have lost their jobs; what chance do you have? If you are an undergraduate, this guidelines will make your story different from other graduates in the near future if you remain persistent.

Blogging positions you for the right job. Guess what? You won’t be the one seeking jobs; companies will come after you. They will come running after you with their money to publish them. That’s the power of blogging! It gives you a unique online influence that makes you a worthy prey for staff hunters.

  • Be Your Own Boss:

Pat Flynn, a global top blogger had started a blog called Green Exam Academy to share his knowledge of architecture while working for a firm. After a while, he was sacked from his job. That gave him the time to focus on his blog. One year later his blog started generating $100, 000 per year – that’s N36, 000, 000!!!

No one can sack him from his blogging business because he is the Boss there. Right now, one of Pat Flynn’s blogs makes his more than $100, 000 per month!

Arianna Huffington, another top global blogger earns $2, 300, 000 (…you don’t want to know the value in Naira!) monthly from her blog Huffington Post.

Take a look at our very own Linda Ikeji; in 2014, a report revealed that Linda Ikeji made about $50, 000 (N18, 000, 000) monthly from her blog by the same name.

I don’t know any company that can pay you such amounts as an employee, but blogging definitely pays you WELL for your passion.

Of course, is also climbing up the reason why you are reading this post


  • Become a Better and Fulfilled Writer:

There is no shortcut to any skill in this world. Only one thing differentiates the ‘talented’ from the ‘not so goods.’ It is called Practice. To become a better writer you must practice constantly – every day.

Every active blogger writes constantly. The more you blog, the more you write – and your skills will improve with each writing exercise.

Furthermore, the dream of most writers is to become published authors. As an aspiring author, blogging could fulfill your writing career as well.

Publishers do not publish unknown authors. As a blogger, your skills and influence online give you an edge over other writers who have no platform. Once you have a good popular blog, finish up that your novel and send to any popular publishers; you will be shocked at how fast they will publish your novel.

  • Improve Your Existing Business:

If you are a business owner, then you are familiar with the hassles and limitations of brick and mortar businesses. While most business owners opt for a static website, you will have much more advantage over competitors because your regular blog contents set you apart as an expert in your field.

People prefer to patronize businesses that are open to communication and easily accessible. Your blog audience can connect with you via mail, phone, social media or blog comments; thereby, creating a seamless communication channel between your business and your customers.

  • Gain Influence and Build a Network:

Millionaire entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki is credited with the saying, “the richest people in the world build networks. Everyone else looks for work.” That is so true!

If you want to join the league of top influential online entrepreneurs you must build your network – your network gives you influence.

Linda Ikeji is a very influential woman in Nigeria today through her blog. There are many other blogs such as Nairaland and Not just Toks which gave their founders a strong influence and a large network of loyal partners and customers today.


  • Examples of Successful Bloggers.


Millions of blogs are created every day around the world. However, only a small percentage of bloggers gain success in blogging – less than 20%. Nevertheless, the list of successful bloggers is endless.

Let us evaluate a few successful bloggers.

Arianna Huffington is the first on our list. She is the founder of The Huffington Post. It is among the most popular and trusted news blogs in the world today. Her blog makes more upwards of $2, 300, 000 monthly.


Pat Flynn is an architect. After he was sacked from his job he decided to focus on his blog Green Exam Academy. He has gone on to create about 5 more blogs. His most popular blog makes $2,000,000 annually.


Michelle Schroeder-gardener is a finance expert. She dumped her job to focus on her blog Her blog is one of the most successful blogs in the world today and she makes above $100, 000 monthly from her blog.


Linda Ikeji is the Queen of Nigerian blogging. Her blog is one of the oldest blogs in Nigeria and the top earning blog in Nigeria today. Guess how much she earns monthly.


Ademola Ogundele is the founder of the number one music blog in West Africa. In fact, musicians all over Africa want to be featured on He is the top-earning blogger among all music bloggers around.

The benefits of an online network and influence are too great. If you want to make money and pay your bills, be your own boss, become a better writer to publish your book, get influence and network with people, then start a blog.





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