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17 Powerful Words You Need To Know Before You Start A Blog.

Blogging is the act of sharing information, experiences and providing solutions to problems on the internet. This is done through writing content which is posted online.The post can be several times a day, five times a week, weekly or twice a month.

If you are new to blogging there are important words that you need to know in order to have a successful log.

Here Are The 17 Powerful Words You Need To Know Before You Start A Blog.

  1. Niche: You may want to ask what is that well it is the interest you have. The reason you have to make you join the online world. Your passion and what you are going to be blogging about.
  2. Platform: This is the base of your online business. Are you going to use a free platform like Blogger or a paid one like WordPress?
  3. Domain name. This is what your site will be called. You can use your name or the niche you are into like my own site It is your address when people go online to look for information.You can get your domain from Go daddy, Namecheap, WordPress, and others.
  4. Hosting. This is where your domain name will be hosted. That is they allow people to search for your domain. Companies like Blue host, host gator, Guraantor are popular, Whogost.
  5. Design Website. This is the act of creating a site. If you are a newbie you will need someone to help you design unless you want to spend hours learning from Youtube. This my site and www.theeventabuja was designed by someone.
  6. Content creation. This is the process of creating articles for your site
  7. Blog. This is where all the information you have is uploaded to a blog post. Some people write daily on their blog others 3 times a week while others one a week or a month.
  8. Landing page. This is where a person is taken to in order to take action. For example, if you want to buy something online you are taking to the page where you use your credit card to purchase.
  9. Email. This is when you get information from someone in a form of mail because it is electronic. When a person signup he receives an email thanking him for signing up.
  10. Social Media. These are the various ways on the internet that you can use to pass information to people and also network. We have Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Skype, Linkedin, Google Plus
  11. Auto Responder. This is tools that collect your information when you go to somebody’s website or blog.
  12. Search Engine Optimization. The act of making your blog visible to people using paid adverts or free.  A site that is number one on any search engine is said to know how to conduct SEO.
  13. Messenger Bot. This is the lastest language. This is used to send a direct message to someones phone one a person has your phone number It is a form of text message.
  14. Payment gate. This is the transaction companies that receive money from customers on your behalf.
  15. Traffic. This is the number of people that visit your website daily.
  16. Graphic Designs. When a  site is being created you need that to look good.The graphics and pictures are designed and snaped by someone. Canva and other companies are good for graphics.
  17. Pictures And Videos. This can be your own personal ones snaped by you or you produced the video. You have the right to them and can be used on your blog.Online business languages are uncounted but basically, these are the one that will come your way every day and as an entrepreneur, you need to know them.
  18. Do you know of other languages you want to share with us?

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