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About me


Hello I am Binta and I work with the government for now. I’m married with children and I live in Abuja, the most expensive city in Nigeria.

I love talking about personal financial life and sharing experiences with friends and colleagues. The is my online  blog that is helping me to organize and manage my personal financial life. The social media is  helping  me build an online business in order to have an early exit from corporate life ahead of the 60 years approved in the country. This I’m doing  through good planning, budgeting and tracking of where each and every kobo of my money goes.

Am not a financial planner neither a computer savvy but I have a passion to be financial free and in this blog, I will be sharing my financial experiences on income and expenses which is what budgeting is all about .To be smart about money through budgeting, saving and investing is to have streams of income in order to have an early retirement .

The streams of naira is my online side hustling business and I want to grow the business through internet marketing using the social media  to replace my offline job. I hope you will also gain from my experiences to become a better person in managing your finances. If you desire to start an online business system that can operate in your absence and generate extra income even when you are on holidays, or you travelled, then, you have come to the right place. You are welcome to my blog.

This is what streams of naira is all about. It is about eliminating debts and bringing down expenses through budgeting, tracking expenditures and good savings tips to invest and make money in order to have financial freedom to retire early and have time to do what you love doing. Welcome to my world of blogging.

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