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5 Tips On How To Keep Your Children Occupied During The Holidays

5 Tips On How To Keep Your Children Occupied During The Holidays.
The long vacation is that time of the year that you get to have your children at home for a very long time. Those in the higher institutions might even have up to 3 months of break and if they are not taking any internships, how to keep the children occupied during the holiday becomes a problem.

The kids are usually excited once the school closes but then to you as a parent, it is the beginning of another dilemma. How do you, as a career mom, a businesswoman who has her business outside the home or a stay at home entrepreneur who has an online business that he or she runs from the house keep the children engaged during the holidays? What plans do you have lined up for your kids during this period and that which will last to the end of the year?

Here are the 5 ways to keep them busy during any vacation.
1. Send the kids to camp if you can. Religious bodies have them at all locations every holiday time especially the long vac. If you happen to be on leave from your job then lucky you as the challenge of who to keep eyes on the children has been taken care of and you are left with the second which is where to or which camp to send them. You certainly have to take them to where the caregivers are known to you and the environment and the security are good and adequate.

2. Send them for lessons in preparation for the next class. A great number of schools now have the arrangement where the children are prepared for their next class during the holidays at a fraction of the school fees. It is a win-win situation as the children are kept occupied with their studies while the school and teachers make extra income. Having a lesson teacher or tutor gives break especially to the little ones who any holiday to them is synonymous with the watching television.

3. Travel with the kids on vacation or visit your parents. It is an opportunity to blend with the grandparents especially if they live in the village. The safety of the children will not be compromised as the old ones will be there to keep eyes on them. The good thing here is that the kids will have a change of environment and therefore adventure which they will love.

4. Have those old enough to learn a skill do that especially those in the secondary schools. This will keep them busy for this period and also add to their credentials.Web designing, programming, and graphics are good skills to learn at this stage. Taking music classes is another valuable thing for the youth as they teach them how to play different instruments like piano, drums, violin and dance classes. Help the children to develop their talents.

Most teenagers love new clothing and therefore fashion. Send them to learn a fashion school to learn the art of sewing. At this stage of their lives, they learn fast and when they perfect and are done with all the training, they will be able to sew their own clothes and even for you as their parents, and you save your money thereby saving you money which would have gone to the tailors.

Other skills to learn include baking classes, catering school to learn how to cook special dishes, saloon to learn how to make hair, and so also makeup learning classes. So many opportunities available and when they have these skills, the journey for entrepreneurship has begun for the children of which they can earn stipends from while on campus.

5. Have a lesson teacher come and take the classes at home if it is not going to be convenient to send them outside the home for the classes. Sometimes it is not possible to shuttle the children during their holidays because the parents might not be on leave. This challenge can be sorted out by having the lesson teacher come around to take the children under the supervision of an adult.

Parents and children look forward to the holiday period. For the parents, the joy is that there will be a break from waking up very and besides the early morning rush is also minimized. The children, on the other hand, enjoy longer hours of sleep and do not have to wake up that early.

These 5 tips should keep the children busy and not allow them to have room for any mischief during the holidays. Go on a trip with the kids if you can, or send them to a camp where they have varieties of activities. Have them learn a skill or trade and prepare them for their next class through lessons Keep them busy and don’t allow them to be idle.

What plans do you have for your kids for holidays? Share and let us rub minds.

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