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Introduction To Mini Importation

Introduction To Mini Importation.

Mini importation is a small scale importation business model where an individual with small capital can import goods from China at a low price into the country and sell at a higher price. Importation is an age long industry which has had a tremendous impact on the lives of so many people and the economy of the country.

Importation as a platform, present tremendous opportunities and if properly tapped into, can open doors of wealth and financial independence.

The world has become a global village. Who would think that ordinary people like you and I (who do not have a fat bank account) can now import goods directly from overseas suppliers?

The internet has made things so easy such that barriers which used to restrict access to manufacturers located thousands of kilometers away has been taken away. Improvements in transportation and logistics now make it possible for small businesses with little capital to import smaller amounts of stock at low shipping costs.

At last entrepreneurs and small businesses can enjoy the same low wholesale prices that the big importers have enjoyed for a very long time.

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Mini Importation

Very Little CAPITAL required:

Many entrepreneurs complain of capital as their major challenge with setting up their business. Mini-Importation is quite interesting because you can start with very low Capital (as low as 5,000 naira), bypass the big importers go directly to the manufacturers and buy what your money can afford (of course the quantity it can buy).

High-profit margins:

You can buy a good at a low price in China, bring it into Nigeria and sell at a higher price. The profit on a product is high and justifiably so. How does it work? You buy a bag, for example at a low price and sell them at a higher price to make a tidy profit.

To increase the size of profit you can make, there are basically two options you have. You can either find a way/place to buy bags at a lower price or look for customers who will buy them at a higher price.

Multiple Stream of income:

It is no news that getting wealthy in this day and age would require more than one stream of income. Mini importation is a good place to invest in and get income with the very little hassle if you know how to put a system around it. There is also a very strong potential to diversify into other markets and niches and that in itself is more money. Isn’t that fantastic?

Don’t need to border about an office/Location:

If you are looking for an opportunity to work from the comfort of your home, mini importation gives you that platform. If you are looking for a business you can do while you run your daily 9-5 job, mini importation is yet a powerful opportunity you can tap into.

Easy Logistics

The internet has made importing your goods less stressful, you would not need to bother about logistics and the stress of moving from one market to another as the platforms provide systems that cater for logistics. All you may need to worry about is the pickup location of your goods. Which is usually the office of the agent/ logistic company in partnership with the manufacturer of your goods.

3 Mistakes To Avoid As A Beginner With Mini Importation

Many beginners have met the rock in the industry, for the very few who are wise they invest in mentors who walk them through a successful experience. As a beginner, there are certain mistakes you must avoid early enough to enjoy and get the very best from this industry.

Avoid improper planning:

There are so many fraudsters and sugar-coated talkers out there who would sweet talk you into investing money into goods that you would never see. As a rookie, ensure you are well aligned with the platform you are transacting in.

There are different platforms (Aliexpress, Alibaba, and many more) and they exhibit unique characteristics.

Market Research:

Importation promises so much and if you do not take your time to do an intensive market research you would go ahead reinventing the wheels. Buying products that won’t sell, struggling and hassling to sell the products because people are not interested in the products. As a rule, you don’t buy what you like or feel would sell you buy what the market wants.

It’s a big error to place an order for goods without knowing who the audience for the good is. Ask questions as often as possible, seek guidance always before going all into the transaction.

Picking a niche:

One very common mistake beginners make is generalizing and going into several niches at once. You could be tempted to buy different products from different niches probably because you have the money and this would make you less effective in the sales of the products you bought.

Narrow down and stay focused in a particular niche, as you grow you expand and diversify placing concrete systems to help you succeed.

Different Type Of Products You Can Sell To Make Millions

There are tons of products that you can sell to make a fortune via mini importation. These products serve different niches. The under listed is a number of products you can pick from:

  1. Mobile Phone Accessories
  2. Women hair wig extensions
  3. New clothes
  4. Beauty Products
  5. Shoes
  6. Genital Health Product
  7. Jewellery
  8. Toys and accessories
  9. Electronic Appliance
  10. Health products
  11. Hard drives, flash drive.
  12. Beddings
  13. Handy Stitch
  14. Slimming Tea
  15. Tire inflator
  16. Hair Growth
  17. Back Pain Reliever
  18. HD vision
  19. Waist trainer
  20. Car Fuel Saver
  21. Digital Therapy Machine
  22. Stretch mark removal cream
  23. Pink Lips
  24. Delay Ejaculation Oil
  25. Car Tracker
  26. Fat burner
  27. Big Vision
  28. Toothpaste dispenser
  29. Car Auto Scanner

This is a long list of things you can import but there are many others you can explore. With efficient market research, you can discover more products that people want and explore them optimally.


Are you perplexed and without a clue as to what to invest your money or what business you can go into? Mini importation is a very fantastic opportunity to leverage on. As it is, there are not so many people in this industry and it’s a goldmine.

Do well to seek counsels from well-grounded experts and experienced import professionals, this would save you a lot of stress, difficulty, and loss. Cheers to more amazing exploits in importation.





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