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5 Creative Money Making Ideas

We are in the era of innovative ideas and not agrarian or industrialization, neither manufacturing.The world has moved on from all these eras to information age and with this comes creative money making ideas. The world has now gone digital, the ideas that you have can generate multiple streams of income for you.

Globalization is now the in thing. Countries are now connected through the internet and with a click of the mouse you are in a country, having all the informations you need about any business, person or matter. You can make lots of money, infacts millions of dollars within a short period by sharing and selling your God given ingenious ideas through blogging on the internet.

All you need to do is to believe in your self and the step to develop the idea into a product or service  and sell it as information. A concept can generate income for you that can last a life time. If you are in doubt find out about Bill Gate of Microsoft or Mark Zuckerberg of Face Book and Google or the owners of Amazon or Ali Baba of China. In Nigeria the likes of Linda Ikeji are known in many homes. Nairaland is not left behind, it all started with a creative idea which is now making money.

Here Are 5 Fantastic Online Creative Money Making Ideas.

  1. Blogging is the act of sharing information on the internet by a person, group of people, business or an organization in forms of post either daily, two or three times a week or could even be weekly or bi monthly depending on the availability of time. The information shared can be free or monitized. The sites created can market other people’s  or organizations’ products or services on commission basis.This is known as Affliate Marketing.
  2. Web design is another creative money making idea that can generate cash for a person. As an  individual, you can make a living designing sites like this my website www.streamsofnaira and charge a fee.
  3. Owning a shop on the internet. It is many peoples’ intention to operate online shops. E commerce is breaking barriers in the world today. You can sell your goods and services or other people’s online and you can make as much or even more than you make in a physical shop.
  4. Become A FreeLancer. You can exchange your time for value in your free time or even make a living from freelancing. You can write articles for people’s blogs and in exchange they pay.
  5. Be A Travelling And Tourism Facilitator. You can provide informations on flights, hotels, transportations and other logistics related to travelling and tourism to people and charge fees.
  6. Research Assistant. This is a clever thing to do if you love being on the internet. Companies are looking for workers who will take away the burden of having to browse and get information on the internet. You can do this from the comfort of your home and charge a fee.
  7. Be A Provider Of Informations And A Coach. Many don’t have the luxury of time or the facilities to get the information they need in order to move to the next level. You can become that link and in return you can earn income. Informations on schools, scholarships, careers, finances, retirements, lifestyles are very important in the lives of  individuals. You can also coach others based on your experiences.

Creative money making ideas starts as a small thought that develops into a passion. When pursued with all seriousness and shared with the world through the internet for a fee, the reward will be in money terms.

What is that information that you know and have that you can share to solve or bring solution to somebody’s problem?

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