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5 Check List For Every Want To Be New Blogger

A blog is a record and account of what is happening in your life, business or company written in a form of  blog post or as a website on the internet.Why do you want to own a blog is a question that might have crossed your mind and to help you in your journey, the 5 check list for every want to be new blogger, will guide you along your path.

To operate a blog or website is to have the opportunity to communicate your information in a very quick way and at the tip of your finger to the world. The more people see your blog post, or come to the website to check out your services or request for consultancy, the more money you make online.Consider these important life tools before you even think of starting a blog or joining the online business community.

Here Are The 5 Check List For Every Want To Be New Blogger.


Do you as an individual have the passion for story telling using the pen? Some people’s talent skills is using the mouth while others is their strength. If you believe that writing and publishing is your passion then welcome on board. This is what will give you the niche you will want to go into as a blogger. A niche is all about your interest, business, hobbies and what you are good in for example are you  passionate about football then consider this field. Do you love  cooking then consider a recipe site where you teach your recipe. Are you a computer guru then don’t be left behind there are thousands of people looking for who to design a website for them. Are you a financial planner everybody needs tips on how to budget and save money or do you believe in early retirement like me then share your experiences on the internet.


Do you have the time to sit and read other people’s blog post and know what is trending in the world  and on the social media. If you love being online working with twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and the rest then you have no problem. You have to know that blogging or owning a website needs much time and its hard work. Sitting in one place for 24hours is possible.

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